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Who is the Woman Within?

Who is the Woman Within?

Do you know her? 

Do you know her name?


Behind the masks, behind the eyes, behind the smile, behind the shame.

Who is she?

Who are you?


Is she Wild?

Is she Free?

Is she Old?

Is she Young?

Is she Afraid?

Is she Longing?

Is she Silent?

Look Again!


Who is she?


How many times has she lived and died just to exist?

Over and over again.

Rejected. Abandoned. Alone.

Too much, too little, the judgement and the judged.


The Sinner and the Sinned

The Priestess and the Slut

The Queen and the Whore

The Innocent and the Wild One.

The Maiden and the Crone.

All the pieces, all the parts.

The jigsaw into Wholeness.


Evolution they call it, the truth is it’s just f*cking hard.

To live, to be alive, to feel and regenerate, to burn with the Phoenix and rise from the Ashes.

Only to fall and burn once more.

Over and over.

Again, and again.

Just one more Time.


Who is She?


The Woman Within.


Do you really want to know her?

I mean Really?


She will rock you to your core, upturn your pretty world.

When you ask her who she is be prepared, to never be the same again.


What Secrets are behind those eyes?

The secrets that you yourself have forgotten, or disowned,

Or heaven forbid…. Judged


Who is the Woman Within?

Beyond all of the labels, beyond your lies

Beyond expectations.

What is she aching for, deep in her bones.

Behind the masks, behind the eyes, behind the smile, behind the shame.


At first, she will not speak.

How can she?

Her voice is gone.

Never asked, never consented, always hushed.


Try again, this time in silence.

Just sit, be still

No need for words that are meaningless anyway.

She doesn’t know you….. Yet.

Try again.


Who are you? My Woman Inside?


Chelsea Terry


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