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Hara Massage

"I first started having massages with Chelsea when I was told I had numerous fibroids in my uterus which were causing heavy, painful periods and ultimately leading to anaemia. I thought my only option is to have a hysterectomy.

While I knew I was going to Chelsea for a massage, what I didn’t realise was the sheer love and support I would get from her too.

Chelsea is such a wonderful and kind spirited woman. I felt incredibly safe, secure, and comfortable in her company.

To top that, the work she does is pretty magical!

As Chelsea learnt more about me and what I needed she always knew the right things to say and to enable me to connect with my body and heal from past experiences. Visiting Chelsea was so much more valuable to my healing journey than I could have ever asked for. 

I'm happy to report that my period discomfort and bleeding have significantly decreased.

Additionally, I am no longer anaemic, therefore surgery is not necessary.

I can highly recommend Chelsea."

Dr. Sonja Heinemann DVM

"My experience with Chelsea the womb Hara massage and binding was such a profound and beautiful experience. I went into it with an open mind,  and not really sure about what to expect. Chelsea held such a nurturing, warm, safe space for me to sit with, experience and unpack anything that came up. She lovingly explained every step of the experience and asked for my consent at every step. I felt I was able to experience such a deep level of relaxation, I was truly held and able to shed and let go of the things that haven't been serving me. The whole experience felt like ancient knowledge that has been long forgotten, but something that long ago would have been shared amongst all women, sisters, mothers and daughters to help us heal, connect and let go. At the end of the experience I felt so grounded in my feminine and such a sense of connection to all women, past, present and future generations to come. I truly believe all women should be able to be held in this space and the healing that would come from this would be so profound that all women everywhere might remember their power and the magic they hold. I'm eternally grateful to you Chelsea for sharing this sacred knowledge and will absolutely return again in the future."

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