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Sacral Somatics

As a 'Temple of She' Sacral Somatic Therapist, Chelsea has completed Gold Standard, Sacral Somatic Therapy training with mentor and practitioner, Amy Towle.

Chelsea offers both Connection Touch Therapy sessions and Sacral Somatic Therapy sessions.

This comprehensive training focused on the following four elements: Personal, Sexual, Spiritual and Professional Development.

Sacral Somatics is a profound journey into the realm of self-discovery and self-intimacy, comprising two fundamental elements.

Firstly, the "Sacral" aspect represents the epicentre of your personal empowerment, creativity, sensuality, and even your financial health and well-being. It houses your vitality, life force, eros, desires, creativity, and Ching. It is also you’re your deepest place of power and when you stifle these aspects, they don't just disappear; they descend further into the depths of your sacral centre and can manifest as self-limiting beliefs, traumas, abuse, neglect, and doubt.

The second part of this therapy is "Somatics," which means “of the Body”. We are beings that embody both our humanity and divinity. No matter how spiritually inclined you are, your connection to your physical being remains pivotal. Your human experience unfolds within your body, which, never deceives you. It retains, feels, and ultimately liberates all experiences. The body guides you through life, from birth to death. The key lies in what transpires in between. To navigate this journey, we can allow the body to be our compass. Somatics is a practice grounded in body-led therapy, as opposed to cognitive or talk-based therapy. It harnesses the power of the body to mobilize, shift, and release. Movement, sound, and stillness all encourage the body to self-regulate and start to feel safe(r).

Sacral Somatics, brings together two of life's most potent offerings: your personal power and a holistic method to access it. Within the realm of Sacral Somatics, one finds a container where they can be cradled with unwavering love and deep personal intimacy, devoid of any sexual expectations or undertones. This space allows individuals to engage with the sexual energy coursing through their bodies in a safe(r) manner, fostering a profound connection with the self.

Sacral Somatics offers two different levels of experience. The first is the "Connection Touch Massage," characterized by full-bodied touch and connection without any genital contact.

The second level is a comprehensive "Sacral Somatics Session," which delves deeper into the core of the sacral centre, specifically the Female Anatomy which includes the Vulva and Vagina.

While previously known as a Yoni Massage session, the Sacral Somatics Session transcends it in its scope and depth, encompassing both the connection touch and the Female Anatomy work.

Client testimonial

What is involved in a Connection Touch Session?

A Connection Touch Therapy session is a 2 ½ hour massage that includes the following:

  • Welcome, discussion and Client intake form with Chelsea.

  • Disrobing ceremony, as the Client undresses she releases patterns, behaviours and energies that are no longer needed in her life.

  • Full back massage including arms, shoulders, back, buttocks and legs.

  • Full front massage including face, hair, neck, shoulders, breasts, belly, legs.

  • Wrapping/Swaddling and Energetic balancing.

  • Redressing ceremony, as the Client redresses, she brings into her life the thoughts, patterns, and beliefs that she wants to bring into her life moving forward.

  • Integration, debrief and discussion with Chelsea.

Prior to the session you will have a 30-45 minute, either in person or Zoom, consultation with Chelsea to discuss the process and any expectations, then 7 – 10 days after session you will have a debrief, either in person or Zoom, for 30-45 Minutes to discuss anything that may have arisen since the Connection Touch Therapy session.


What are the benefits having a Connection Touch session?


Women book in for a Connection Touch Session for many unique and different reasons, these may include:

  • Being able to be held and witnessed, a Connection Touch session is not about fixing the Client. It is about creating a safe(r) space where the Client feels that she can be all of who she is. Without judgement or expectation.

  • To feel connected with her body, to bring brain chemistry and awareness to different parts of her body.



Booking a Connection Touch Session with Chelsea:


Your booking will not be confirmed until full payment is received.

Upon booking you will be required to read and sign a disclaimer and answer a Client intake form so that Chelsea can prepare for you and any health requirements you may have.


Please note:

This session is one way touch only, there is not sexual intercourse or sexual gratification during a Connection Touch Therapy session.


Cost of Connection Touch Therapy session $220

What if I need to cancel my Connection Touch Therapy session?

No refunds are available for cancellations however you can reschedule your Connection Touch session to the next available date that suits you.

If the cancellation has been made within a week (7 days) of your booked Connection Touch session, there will be a $125.00 fee deducted from your payment to cover the room booking.

Sacral Somatics Therapy Testimonial

Amazing. I cried straight away looking at the space. Chelsea did a great job of being fully present and completely confident in what she was doing. I felt totally at ease and could be myself. There was no pressure or judgement it was just me allowing myself to be me!

I kind of felt out of body towards the end and was shaking a bit. It was nice after it finished to slowly sit with myself and start to feel some processing.

I thought it was beautiful how Chelsea then brought over a platter with some fruits and nuts, chocolate etc, as I felt it helped to ground me.

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