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1:1 Personalised Sessions

Chelsea offers 1:1 Personalised sessions and individual packages to work with you in the areas you are most interested in.

Working with Chelsea this way allows you to drop deeper into your body, working with somatic practices and the principles of Breath, Touch, Movement, Sound and Stillness you will connect with your own body and cultivate erotic intelligence that is unique to you.

Chelsea Terry Women Wellness Yoni Massage-Womb Hara Massage Womens Coach Vulva and Pelvic

What can be covered in a 1:1 Personalised session


  • What they didn’t teach you in school, advanced Female anatomy, get to know your own anatomy from a place of non-judgement and curiosity.

  • Living from your healthy Masculine and Feminine. Bringing balance to your life, your relationships and to your energy system.

  • Living an orgasmic life - how you connect with your body, your pleasure and your arousal can light up your life and expand your relationships.

  • Breast connection practices. Connect with your breasts through somatic practices of breath, touch, sound, movement, and stillness.

  • The anatomy of arousal. Get to know your own pleasure arousal and what ignites your turn on and turn off’s.

  • Agency and consent and how to communicate your bodies wisdom.

  • Somatic practices to cultivate and expand your own energy.

  • Womb connection and how to connect with your Sacral centre.

Prior to the 1:1 Personalised session, you will have a 30 minute, either in person or Zoom, consultation with Chelsea to discuss how to tailor a session or program for you.


Contraindications of these sessions:

  • Post op (contact Chelsea for more information as different surgeries have different wait times).

  • Mental health issues such as BPD, psychosis etc.

  • Active trauma.

Client testimonial

Chelsea created a safe(r) space & was very professional. I found the whole experience gentle & educational.

Booking a 1:1 Personalised Session with Chelsea:


Your booking will not be confirmed until full payment is received.

Upon booking you will be required to read and sign a disclaimer and answer a client intake form so that Chelsea can prepare for you and any health requirements you may have.


Please note:

These sessions are educational only, there is no sexual intercourse or sexual gratification during 1:1 Personalised sessions.


Cost of 1:1 Personalised session with Chelsea

1 x 150 – minute session $220

3 x 150 – minute sessions value pack $590

6 x 150 – minute sessions value pack  $1100

What if I need to cancel my 1:1 Personal Session/s?

No refunds are available for cancellations however you can reschedule your personal session to the next available date that suits. If the cancellation has been made within a week (7 days) of your booked personal session, there will be a $125.00 fee deducted from your payment to cover the room booking for in person sessions.

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